Finding a Child Psychologist in the Grand Rapids, MI Area

Aug 24, 2021 | Adult Counseling, Family Counseling, Pediatric Counseling

Not all therapists have the training or temperament to treat children. Some are great at working with small children through play therapy, others relate well to tweens and teens and some are well-versed in helping families as a whole. Here is some advice to help you find the right child psychologist in Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding area.

Ask Questions

Whether you realize on your own that your child needs a psychologist or are referred to one by their physician or school, you may have some concern over finding the right one. Our advice is that no matter why you’re seeking a psychologist in Grand Rapids, MI, you should ask questions rather than just selecting someone from a list. A few recommend include:

  • Will you meet with me and the child or only the child? Depending on the age of the child, the correct answer may vary, however, most Grand Rapids psychologists do meet with the parents at least one time either prior to seeing the child or with the child.
  • Do you have psychologists on staff who specialize in child development and support? If they do not, strongly consider choosing an office who has at least one child psychologist in Grand Rapids, MI on staff.
  • Does your facility specialize in child therapy for ….? Here you’ll have to fill in the blank based on your needs. Is it ADHD? Depression or anxiety? Divorce, blended family issues or moving? Whatever you want addressed, you want someone who has experience in counseling age appropriately for that need.

Once you find a facility where you feel comfortable, make an appointment.

Let Your Child Provide Feedback

Chances are good that they won’t feel comfortable with the person on the first visit. However, if after a few visits they’re not opening up or making progress, don’t be afraid to ask for a different psychologist or change practices. Your child will only get better if they have someone they are comfortable with.

Let Us Help

As a team of Grand Rapids area psychologists, therapists and counselors, West Michigan Psychological Services is here to help your child, tween, teen and you through difficult times and circumstances. Call us today at (616) 952-9957 for an appointment in either our Holland office or our new Norton Shores facility.