How Long Will I Be in Therapy?

Sep 10, 2021 | Adult Counseling, Anxiety, Depression

If you were to ask a group of Michigan therapists how long they see most patients, the answer will vary from months to years. That’s because how long an individual needs to be in therapy is very dependent on their issues and needs. Unlike a course of antibiotics that you’ll need to take for a certain time, therapy happens on your schedule. Some people find that once they start working with a Michigan psychologist, they never stop seeing one. However most go less frequently over time as they improve.

What Factors Influence Frequency and Duration in Therapy?

Depending on why you’re seeking one of our experienced therapists in Michigan, both the frequency and duration of your treatment will vary. For example, if you need marriage counseling, you and your spouse may see one of our Michigan therapists together some weeks. Then, there may come a time when she wants to see you individually at times. Or, you may have homework and even skip a week.

A lot depends on the severity of your issues. You may find that you need to go weekly in the beginning, but then feel every other week is sufficient. Eventually you may reduce the number of appointments. Perhaps cut back to once a month or even stop seeing your Michigan therapist all together. Because different therapists in Michigan take different approaches to treatment, that may also factor into how long you’ll want to attend therapy.

Advice from Our Michigan Therapists

As experienced and compassionate Michigan therapists, we have three pieces of advice for successful therapy:

  1. Find a Michigan therapist that you feel comfortable being honest with.
  2. Attend regularly scheduled appointments for at least three months.
  3. Don’t quit over finances, speak with your Michigan therapist about your situation.

At West Michigan Psychological Services, our compassionate and licensed Michigan therapists are ready to help you begin to address your issues. They are experienced in a variety of both adult and pediatric counseling. If you are ready to start your journey to better mental health, call us today. Reach our Holland office at (616) 952-9957 or for our Norton Shores office, call (231) 237-8898. We accept many insurance plans and work with the local school districts.