Should You Seek Marriage Counseling?

Sep 24, 2021 | Adult Counseling, Marriage Counseling

Marriage is hard work. Admitting that you have a problem in your marriage is even harder. Working to save your marriage may be the hardest thing you ever do in your lifetime. However, if you and your spouse want to make it through the hard times, marriage counseling in Holland, MI can help. Here are some signs that you should consider seeing a therapist in Michigan.


Lies are broken trust. We expect our spouse to be honest about their feelings and things going on in their life. However, when one or both of you are lying to each other, the marriage will eventually implode. Some lies are easy to recognize. Things like cheating, money and where you go after work every day. However, there are many other lies couples tell each other that may not feel like betrayal to you, but may feel that way to your spouse. For example, when you’re asked if there is something wrong and you say, “No, I’m fine,” when you’re really not. Or answer a question with, “whatever” when you really have a strong opinion one way or another.


Do you just go through the motion’s day to day? Are you and your spouse basically roommates? Is there no spark anymore? Many couples seek marriage counseling in Holland, MI and use the phrase, “We’ve grown apart.” However, if you’re honest with one another, have you really grown apart or are you no longer trying to communicate and interact daily? Counseling can address this and give you tools to rekindle your care and love for one another.


No one wants to argue all the time. Fights happen and are normal in marriage. What isn’t normal is constant battles over what are truly inconsequential things. If you find that you’re picking a fight with your spouse to avoid spending time together or avoid talking about the hard stuff, you should seek help of a marriage counselor.

West Michigan Psychological Services Can Help

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