Counseling Can Help Strengthen Blended Families

Oct 20, 2021 | Family Counseling

Grand Rapids psychologists have seen an influx of blended families over the years. With an increase in remarriages, there has also been an increased need for counseling, especially when children are involved. Divorce and the death of a parent take a toll on a child. Although it’s commonly heard, “Kids are resilient,” they are affected more than you think. When a child has suffered the loss of a parent or their family “norm,” it would be very beneficial for them to meet with a child psychologist in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Effects of Blended Families

In a typical marriage, you have a family tree. When death or divorce occurs and there is a remarriage, you now have a family forest. There are more people involved. Rules might be different in each home. Children struggle with the loss of a parent they see less now. They might also feel a sense of guilt if they “approve” of their stepparent as if they are betraying their biological parent. Kids also feel as though they need to protect their mom or dad.

Jealousy is another emotion children experience when another parent figure comes into the picture. They might be used to having mom or dad all to themselves during their time-sharing and now find they have to share mom or dad with someone new. They’ve already lost one parent in a sense, and now they are faced with the reality of losing precious time with their part-time parent. Kids are great at putting on a game face when they want to or feel they need to, but don’t be fooled. Their feelings run deep, and it’s not always obvious that they are hurting.

Build a Stronger Family with Help from a Licensed Therapist

If you are searching for a psychologist in Grand Rapids, MI who can help your blended family, choose West Michigan Psychological Services. With decades of experience, our skilled therapists have worked with countless blended families. You can entrust your family to us. If you have any questions, submit them here, or call 616-952-9957 today!