Holidays, Families and Your Mental Health

Nov 3, 2021 | Depression, Family Counseling

Oh, the joy of the holidays. A time of celebration, festivities, food, fun, and catching up with the family. For some, this is an exciting time. For others, it is a time of anxiety and stress. With two major holidays so close together, it’s no wonder counselors in Michigan get a little busier this time of year.

Understanding Your Stressors

Stress comes from countless angles. It could be the thought of dealing with in-laws or maybe your mom is wondering when “this” or “that” is going to happen in your life. It’s possible there was past hurt among other family members that haven’t really been resolved and you walk on eggshells when they’re around. Understanding where your stress comes from is the first step to coping with the unpleasant feelings that come along with it. Coping techniques are not something you are born with, however. You can learn these important options with the help and expertise of Michigan counselors.

Coping in the Future

It’s important to understand that there is nothing wrong with saying, “No.” Boundaries are necessary to maintain a healthy mental state. If you know certain topics are triggers, avoid them. If someone starts getting on your nerves, go outside and go for a walk. If you are the one hosting and planning the meal, start ahead of time with the planning in small chunks instead of flying by the seat of your pants. Having a strategic plan helps ease the stress of last-minute changes or the unforeseen.

Learn New Options from a Therapist for Happy Holidays

If you find yourself dreading the holidays, don’t go at it alone. Let our team at West Michigan Psychological Services help you not just survive this season, but thrive. Dr. Leslie Roberts and her experienced and licensed team of professional therapists have the tips you need to help this holiday be a success without the stress. Give us a call and find out how! If you are in the Holland area, call (616) 952-9957. For those in the Norton Shores area, our office number is (231) 237-8898. You can also click here to send us a message, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.