Common Misconceptions About Therapy for Kids

Nov 10, 2021 | Family Counseling, Trauma Therapy

If you are looking into getting counseling for your child, you have probably heard differing opinions regarding what that looks like. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about mental health in children. As an adult and child psychologists in the Grand Rapids, MI region, we hear them all the time. Fortunately, however, your search has brought you here, and today we are going to debunk some of those misconceptions so you can get an accurate view of therapy for your child.

The Facts About Counseling

Many people feel that if their child goes to counseling it is somehow a poor reflection on themselves as a parent. FALSE. A child can be struggling for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with your parenting. Each human is unique, and that includes emotions, coping skills, and the ability to express thoughts and feelings.

Another misconception is that therapy will cure your child. A licensed counselor has extensive education and training; however, changing behaviour is in the hands of the one receiving help and guidance. The one participating in therapy has to be willing to implement suggestions to facilitate change.  This ultimately results in achieving whatever goals have been set in therapy. In some cases, more extensive therapy or even medication may be necessary.

Another popular, but unfortunate misconception, is that seeking counseling makes one look weak. On the contrary, it takes courage to admit you or your child is struggling. It takes even greater courage to seek the help you need in spite of what others may say.

Grand Rapids, MI, Child Psychologist Experts 

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