What Does it Take to Become an LPC in Michigan?

Jan 12, 2022 | Family Counseling

If you enjoy helping others and have an interest in mental health, an LPC career might just be for you. Now you might be asking, “What is an LPC?” An LPC is a designation for a Licensed Professional Counselor. Requirements to receive this designation is not the same for every state, so today we will look at what you can expect to earn the designation of LPC in Michigan.

LPC Michigan Requirements

To begin, let’s touch on basic requirements. These include education, internships, supervision, and exams. Getting into specifics, we will break them down below:

  1. Education – You must complete a counseling degree comprised of a 48-hour semester. This requirement can also be satisfied by completing the same amount of time in a related program that has been approved by a regionally accrediting body.
  2. Internships – This should not be confused with a practicum. Both are required in addition to the education requirements and do have some similarities but are different. During the practicum, you are able to perform a portion of the duties of an LPC whereas the internship gives you the opportunity to perform 600 hours of every activity a Licensed Professional Counselor would be expected to perform.
  3. Supervision – After receiving your degree, you must complete 3,000 hours minimum of supervised counseling. This can be completed full time over two years or a part-time equivalent, and a minimum of 100 of those supervisory hours must be performed in direct sight of your supervisor.
  4. Examination – As with any designation, you must pass the state licensure exam.

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